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support for creative entrepreneurs, job seekers and people ready for change

Set your course

Do you wonder if you’re on track?

You might…

  • Long for a job that nourishes your soul
  • Dream about starting a business you love
  • Wonder how to share your passion with the world
  • Be hiding your talents and playing it safe
  • Be reluctant to sell, promote, persuade or ask for what you want
  • Be unsure what to do and afraid you’ll never find “the right thing”

You have ideas and dreams. You have talents and wisdom. You have gifts to share.

But you’re hiding, staying small, not taking action, not following through. And the longer you wait, the harder it is to get started. You tell yourself that you don’t know enough yet, you need more training,  maybe you don’t have what it takes. Or, you have great ideas and skills, but your goals are fuzzy.

Wouldn’t you rather set your own course?

I help you get clear about what matters on the inside, and provide you with tools and resources to show it on the outside.
I help you stay accountable, banishing the sabotaging patterns that get in the way.
I help you stay in touch with your dreams – and shine a light on your talents.

I can help you set a course with intention, to manifest your dreams and vision.

In our work, you will learn to…

  • Speak powerfully and honestly about what you want and what you do
  • Project confidence in the way you stand, speak, and write
  • Ask for what you want and what you’re worth
  • Get clear, articulate, and visible
  • Know in your bones that the choices you make reflect your deepest truth

Using my training in coaching, non-profit fundraising, expressive arts and yoga, I help you align body, mind, voice, and spirit. I focus on bringing forth authentic expression because I believe we are most effective – and feel most alive – when we are connected to our essential self. If you want to deepen your experience, consider adding movement and visual arts to coaching (under Creative Options). I also offer women’s groups because I believe it’s time for us to stand up and speak proudly and powerfully, and deepen our contributions in the world.

It’s energizing to set your own course and dive deep. I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

Set your course!
Set your course!


Having Laura as my coach has been the single best investment in my business, and myself, I could have made.

Laura is an amazing coach, empathetic, personable, your own personal advocate helping you to set aside self defeating patterns while embracing your heartfelt desires and bringing them into reality. 

A coaching session with Laura is like peeling back the skin of a mango.  And that mango is you, wow! 

What I like most about Laura’s approach was that she saw each of us as a whole person, and was really concerned with helping us find our authentic expression. There was room for us to fail and be confused, and through the chaos of creation she kept us moving forward.


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