Career Search Wisdom for You

Quitting Time
Is it quitting time? Make the decision before the decision is made for you.

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Between Jobs
What to say when you're not working…

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Career Search
The Do’s and the Don’ts. Tips to help you present your best self

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Interview Skills
You’ve got an interview! Tips to help you prepare.

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You’ve got a unique mix of skills, experience and interests that makes a difference in the world. You deserve to find the right fit, a job that honors what you offer, where you’re appreciated and valued.

At Paradise Coaching, career transitions are an opportunity to affirm your unique gifts. Whether you’re working on your resume or planning a job move, I am committed to helping you get clear about what you want to offer and the work environment that’s worthy of your gifts.

I will help you move forward on your career path with intention and conviction.

I believe you’ll enjoy the process. I know you’ll love the results. Whether it’s a new career path, a promotion or a new business, I’m committed to helping you find your right work. You can have a brilliant career.

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“When I walked into Laura’s office, my biggest dream was getting a new job and then pretending that the last few years of my current job hadn’t happened. With Laura’s help, I rediscovered that I had value to offer, and I had the confidence to find a new job, one that I love… ” —EMILY, Educator

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